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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales Questions

What is web hosting?
Web hosting (also known as shared web hosting) is, in its simplest terms, space on our web servers for your website. Our web hosting plans allocate you a set amount of resources such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and hosted domains. The web space supplies the storage for your website files while the bandwidth is used each time someone visits your website.

Are your prices in Australian Dollars?
Yes, all prices quoted on our website are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated.

Are there any hidden costs or setup fees?
No, there are no hidden costs or fees.

Do I need my own domain name?
Yes. You are required to have a domain name to use with your hosting package. This can be purchased from a Domain Registrar.

I already have a domain name that points to my website with another host. Can it be moved to your hosting?
Sure. Just point it to the nameservers for your new web hosting account here.

Should I pick a web host in the same country that I am in?
For most sites, it doesn't matter. As long as you choose a good host with good connections to Internet backbones, your site will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Do you provide domain registration?
At this time we do not provide domain resgistration.

Can I host Australian and international domain names?
Yes you can! You can use any international domain name including .au, .nz, .uk, .ca!

What plans are available?
Our web hosting plans are aimed at home users and small businesses alike. Please see our hosting plans page for plan details.

Can I host multiple domains / websites on my hosting account?
Our Standard and Pro web hosting plans come with addon domains. This means yes, you can host multiple domains / websites under one account. The Standard plan allows 1 addon domain (allowing you to host 2 websites) and the Pro plan allows 3 addon domains (allowing you to host 4 websites).

Will you advertise on my site?
Absolutely Not! We will not advertise in any way on your web site.

Do you support Dreamweaver access and FrontPage extensions?
Yes. Both Dreamweaver access and FrontPage extensions are supported on all accounts.

Can I transfer my existing website to you?
Yes. All you need to do is follow these three steps!
1.Sign up an account with us.
2.Change the DNS settings with your Domain Name Registrar to the DNS settings we send you.
3.Upload your web site to our server.

Do you support SSL?
SSL support is standard on our servers. If you have a SSL certificate, we can install it for you.

How long will it take to set up my account?
Your account will be setup within 24 hours of ordering.


Post-Sale Questions

How do I access my website control panel?
cPanel may be accessed at http://www.yoursite.com

Which folder do I load my web pages to?
You should place all of your web documents in the public_html directory.

What DNS settings do I use to point my domain to your server?
When you need to enter/change your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings with your Domain Registrar, you will need to enter the DNS (Domain Name Server) Settings that were provided to you in the 'Welcome' email that we sent you. This will allow your Domain Name to be pointed to your web pages on our servers. Your Domain Registrar is the company/web site you have registered your Domain Name with.

How long does it take for my DNS changes to update world wide?
Normally you can expect to see your web site DNS to change within 24 hours once you have made the modifications at your registrar.

Why can I only see a list of the file names when I visit my web site?
This is because you don't have a Default Home Page. The Default Home Page is the First page that you will see when you enter your web site. The file named "index" should be your Default Home Page, for example, index.htm, index.html, etc. If you name the file that you wish to display as your Default Home Page as "index", you will see your Home Page as soon as you go to your web

What would happen if my web site exceeds the Account Limits?
If your web site usage (Web Space and/or Traffic) hits the Limit of your Current Plan, you will be notified by email. You may then reduce your usage or upgrade your plan accordingly.

Can I upgrade my account?
Yes you can upgrade at any time by emailing Support@WebSpaceAustralia.com. Please provide us with the following details: your domain name, Login ID and the plan you would like us to upgrade you to. It is free to upgrade and the only charge would be the price difference in the plan you upgrade to.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?
Yes you can. Just send an email to us at
Support@WebSpaceAustralia.com. Please provide us with your domain name and Login ID in your cancellation request. Cancellation will take effect only when the receipt of the cancellation request is confirmed by us. Once your account has been cancelled you will not incur any charges for the next billing period.
*Be sure to keep a backup of your site before you cancel, as your site will be deleted from the server.

ABN: 85 291 462 118

Email: Support@WebSpaceAustralia.com